Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact the listed numbers to get the representation of Sahand Sanitary Valves Company.

  • Phone: (20 lines) 0214480992
  • Phone: 021-45172
  • Fax: 02144809993

Thanks for your comments, colleagues and customers of Sahand’s products, Sahand Social Networks will soon be available on the following social networks:

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Dear colleague / customer, Sahand products catalog is being prepared electronically and with a suitable volume for placement on the site, which will be provided to you soon through the site of Sahand Sanitary Valves Company.

The warranty of Sahand Company products can be seen through the menu about Sahand Company and the warranty menu of Sahand Company. Please use only the after-sales service-warranty and installation services page to determine the warranty of Sahand products.

Tehran – Qom Highway – Shams Abad Industrial Town – Bustan Boulevard – Golban 13 – No. 6

Phone: 56235653-4

Fax: 56230429