Sanitary valves and nanotechnology

Sanitary valves and nanotechnology

A knowledge-based company succeeded in producing nano coatings that, in addition to decorating, can make valves resistant to abrasion.

A knowledge-based company has succeeded in providing decorative and wear-resistant coating services for steel valves and fittings. The company has been able to provide materials as a coating for valves. This product is coated with a nanostructured layer of titanium nitride (TIN) with a thickness of nanometers by physical vapor deposition method. Medium metal nitride thin film coatings (TIN) have a wide range of industrial applications in the field of hard protective coatings, penetration barriers in semiconductor technology, optical and decorative applications.

Color is the most important property of decorative coatings and is the most well-known hard decorative coating (TIN).

By coating (TIN) on a smooth substrate, this coating has an attractive appearance and high hardness and low wear make it more durable than gold.

Such hard decorative thin film (TIN) coatings in plumbing, sports goods, metal tableware, spectacle frames, door handles and valves and other similar applications in which the coating is subject to wear, erosion and corrosion during It is use and cleaning, it has applications.

In the future, we will see nanoparticles made with nanotechnology that are resistant to abrasion and at the same time guarantee our health.