Types of products of Sahand Company

products of Sahand Company

  • Based on the use of the best technology in design and construction, intelligent quality control and strict testing, the company’s products can compete with world-famous brands.
  • Sahand Company is one of the leading and successful manufacturers in the valves industry in the Middle East, by offering a very stylish product with beautiful packaging along with sharing, product variety, competitive price and using the most experienced engineers in this industry along with superior technology.
  • The main feature of the products is compatibility with any type of water hardness and high plating resistance, which is the result of using the best raw materials and testing them in the most equipped laboratories and continuous research and development in production procedures.

Types of Sahand valves products

  • Lever and classic toilet faucet
  • Lever and classic bath faucet
  • Lever and classic toilet faucet
  • Lever toilet with moving science
  • Long base lever toilet faucet
  • Wall-mounted lever dishwasher faucet
  • Classic dishwasher faucet with cast science
  • Lever and dual mode shaving valve
  • Electronic eye wash
  • Leverage Tokas and Classic Swan
  • Classic chrome hose and lever hose
  • The science of Vionica and Universe showers
  • Built-in valves
  • Flash tanks and pistols


Sahand hood and gas

  • Built-in glass gas
  • Built-in steel gas
  • Diagonal hood
  • Hidden Hood
  • Chimney hood
  • Island Hood
  • sink
  • the oven